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Arc Flash Hazard Safety and Training

You have many choices when selecting a partner to get in compliance with NFPA 70E. Only PowerSource helps you get the most from your investment by showing you how to use it to prevent and solve future problems.

Why does your plant need an Arc Flash Hazard Program?

OSHA now requires industrial plants to adhere to the arc flash standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Association in the publication known as NFPA 70E.

What am I required to do and how can PowerSource help?

PowerSource makes it easy to keep employees safe, guiding you through any or all of the steps required.

 NFPA 70E requires industrial plants to…  PowerSource can…
Establish appropriate policies and procedures Present a high-level overview of arc flash hazards to upper management and assist with developing a policy that fits your culture and practices

Install warning labels Install labels or provide guidance to your personnel for a lower-cost installation
Provide and require PPE Guide you toward the most cost-effective PPE decisions for your operation
Require Energized Work Permit for all energized work Help you develop procedures for Energized Work Permits
Train employees Provide training that consistently gets top reviews from participants


What is an arc flash?

A dangerous explosion caused by a short-circuit, often resulting from dropped tools, accidental contact or a flawed electrical system.

How can I learn more?


New! Free Training for Plant Leaders

PowerSource is now offering a free, 30-minute introduction to arc-flash hazards for your management staff. This is not a sales presentation. This popular, high-level overview conducted by Scott Nimon gets everyone up to speed on the technical and policy issues before you make an investment decision. No matter which supplier you select, your team will know how to proceed. Please contact us to make an appointment.

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