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Everyone wants to improve energy efficiency. It’s an easy way to do more with less. But with competing priorities and a history of inflated promises from vendors, managers understandably are hesitant to act in a sustained manner. Everyone wants to know, what ROI can I reasonably expect? Is it really worth the trouble?

New government initiatives, pending regulations, best practices, equipment advancements … the field is changing fast. PowerSource owner Scott Nimon, is a Certified Energy Efficiency Professional (CEEP) who can help you by:

• Performing an energy audit of a process area or the entire plant to determine savings opportunities

• Calculating return on investment for easy communication to management

• Coaching for Energy Star certifications

• Supporting your team in installing equipment upgrades and changing behavior

Companies with comprehensive energy efficiency programs can achieve, on average, practical energy reduction of 20 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Of these savings, 20 percent to 30 percent can be achieved with little or no capital investment by using procedural and behavioral changes. PowerSource does not get commissions from the sale of equipment. We’re in the business of providing expertise and smart, cost effective solutions that help you get the most from your investment in energy efficiency.

Wondering how your plant’s energy management measures up? Ask your personnel to take an Energy Management Snapshot using our free questionnaire.

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