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Introducing the PowerSource Shock Box

         A safety meeting in a box!


A regular safety meeting with your personnel improves communication and safety awareness, but scheduling a safety meeting requires time and preparation. 

The PowerSource Shock Box does the planning for you. A free resource, the Shock Box contains everything you need to improve your workers' awareness and understanding of electrical safety. The first installment in the Shock Box is Arc Flash Awareness. This presentation provides materials for a 30-60 minute safety meeting on the basics of Arc Flash Safety.

How do your order your free PowerSource Shock Box safety meeting kit?

Simply sign up here

The Shock Box Arc Flash Awareness package covers the basic concepts of arc flash and how workers can prevent injury. The package provides a complete lesson plan to guide you through an arc flash safety meeting.


Included in the training package

  • Lesson Plan
  • Five minute video
  • Discussion questions
  • Quiz and Answer Key

After participating in this safety training workers will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is an arc flash?
  • What causes an arc flash?
  • What are the hazards of arc flash?
  • Why is OSHA concerned about arc flash?
  • How can arc flash incidents be prevented?


Who should participate in the video training program?

  • All personnel who need to enter electrical rooms or work around electrical equipment
    • Electricians, technicians, maintenance, production, engineers
    • All personnel who are responsible for the above group (Supervisors, foremen, mangers)


The video training program was prepared by Scott Nimon, principal of PowerSource LLC. Scott Nimon has 22 years of experience working in industrial manufacturing facilities and has performed arc flash hazard studies and training for the past eight years.

For more information about PowerSource visit www.powersourceeng.com




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